I offer guided movement lessons to savvy humans seeking an intimate, yet accessible practice to facilitate fundamental, source-level access to physical well-being and vitality.


Your body is not a machine. Your body is not a mannequin. Your body is your life AND the home where you live. Both source and means for your living—your work, play and rest—your body is your exclusive access to engaging and experiencing the world.


And yet many parasitic aspects of our culture feed on separation between being and body. We are surrounded by systems that thrive when we are not just separate from, but at war with, our own homes, our own sources, our own bodies.


And so we segregate ourselves through many, varied acts of isolation. And our access to comfort, to the energetic and creative source which is ours and ours alone, dwindles. 


Over time, our discomfort amplifies and expands, begetting more pains, new pains, that then beget pains of their own. 


But regardless of whether discomfort originated externally or was created from processes of systematic internal isolation, attending and re-integrating lost aspects of self and can bring you home.

Through application of your attention, you can become aware of how your habitual ways of living and moving restrict you and keep your recycled discomfort and pain alive and propagating. You may not find a cure, but your relationship to your pain can change, and the way it affects your life can change, and your experience of it can change, and your experience of yourself can change, which can then give you the opportunity to make a fundamental change that can reduce your pain. 


This type of change is not bombastic, it comes quietly and is as subtly tenacious as the forces striving to fragment. It is fundamental, source-level change that comes through consistency. 


With my clients, I see that consistency of practice is the single biggest predictor of progress. It is also, in today’s world, one of the hardest to achieve.


Let's Move!


Which is why I have teamed up with my colleague and friend, Emily Stein, to develop a consistency generator—a carefully crafted experience of guided movement lessons curated specifically to manufacture momentum. Our goal is for the practice to become such an integral part of you, such a restoring, generative balm, that weaving it into your daily life will be the opposite of effort-full. We want it to be effort-absent. We want it to work itself. 


And because we believe that, regardless of immediate cause, the deepest source of discomfort comes from loss of access to our whole, full selves—we are designing this program to facilitate each participant’s unique and individual process so that reintegration becomes more and more realized with each and every lesson.  


So that you can craft your life of personal sovereignty and interdependent support.

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    All rights reserved.

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