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I offer reinforcement-based dog behavior consulting and training to engaged dog guardians wanting to develop shared communication and joyful responsiveness to build a life-long friendship based on mutual enjoyment and respect.


A dog is not a robot. A dog is not a stuffed animal. They are sentient beings with drives and desires, just like us, dropped in the middle of someone else's world with no say in the matter. It is our job to help them adapt and develop the skills and habits they need to thrive in our world. 


Dogs do what works for them, just like us. Behavior that is successful, that gets them what they want, becomes stronger and stronger the more it pays off. 


If you want a dog that responds to your cues happily, willingly, and enthusiastically, then it is our job to teach your dog both what you want, and to want what you want. It is our job to make what you want both clear and worth their while.


We do that by listening—listening for how they learn, listening for when they are open to learning, and listening for what they love. We let them be our teachers. We listen when they tell us that there are holes in our training before we label them as stubborn or dominant or distracted.


We understand that training is a two-way street, that skill and consistency is needed and expected as much from the human as the dog. We are willing to meet in the middle. We are willing to allow them to change who we are, so that we may be better companions. 

Insight Animal

Behavior Services


Dog Behavior Consultant & Trainer


I am currently working exclusively at Insight Animal Behavior Services in Chicago, Illinois offering dog behavior consulting and training services under the supervision of Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Kelly C. Ballantyne, DVM, Diplomate, ACVB.

Sessions are conducted either remotely via Zoom or, when appropriate, in my private, fully-fenced yard in Chicago's West Ridge neighborhood.


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If you're interested to pursue behavior consulting and/or training, visit Insight Animal Behavior Services' website to book either an Initial Assessment (for clients new to Insight) or a Training Appointment (for existing Insight clients).