Hey, I’m Shannon


PLEASE NOTE – This is an outdated description, as I am now working exclusively with dogs (and by proxy their humans, but I no longer offering bodywork or other services for humans).


I am the definition of a life-long learner—always signed up for at least one, but rarely just one, class. I have two degrees in science—a bachelors in chemistry and a masters in nutrition—as well as certifications in dog training, the Feldenkrais Method®, and professional cheffing among others. Topics I have studied include physical chemistry, psychology and digital animation—just to name a few.


I have high standards and an aptitude for foresight, and yet am one of those so called ‘wanderers’ who have lead many lives. I was once the only female snowboarding clinic leader in the Pacific Northwest. I was once a macrobiotic chef in NYC hired to deliver celebrity meals to the Mandarin Oriental hotel. And once I won a world championship showing horses, only to be stripped of my title because my trainer secretly drugged my horse (and then billed us for it later.)


I was not born into a respectful, reward-based world of kindness and curiosity—it is the home I have been tracking and building ever since. Which means that getting there is my specialty. 

So I work with clients to create relationships of respect, connection and delight, whether those relationships are between human and body, or human and dog. As a guild-certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method®, I help restore movement and functionality (including recovering from pain, tension, restriction, stress or anxiety) so you can regain (or develop) your own bodily sense of fluidity, freedom and pleasure as you move through your life. Or if you just want to be better at physically engaging whatever it is that you love, I can help with that too.


I’m also one of those humans who loves, loves, LOVES dogs. I get dogs. I respect them. I am more apt to use dog behavior to describe human culture than the other way around. As a certified professional dog trainer, I help you understand dogs and speak their language. I help you and your dog develop a shared language so the two of you can understand each other. I help you restore or develop your relationship together. If you have a new puppy you’re integrating into your household, or a desire to turn training into a game loved by human and dog alike, or a dog with behaviors that are threatening your sense of peace and sanity in the world—I can help you.


These two things, my Feldenkrais and my dog training, are related. In both, I read bodies—body movements and body language—and I help you develop this capacity too. I listen for bodily yeses and respect bodily nos. I listen deeply for bodily cues and communication. I listen to what bodies are saying and teach skills of listening. I work with what is present now as the starting place for building what is wanted while honoring and respecting innate nature and underlying needs.


When you work with me, you don’t have to overpower your body, fix it, or force it to meet some idealistic standard. Rather than dominating your bodily experience with ideas of perfect mechanical arrangement that we must force you back into, we’ll explore through attention to sensation and movement. We’ll listen for your body’s responses and tendencies, and progress at rates and in directions that are well within your body’s expressions of consent as a way to more gently restore or enhance movement, functionality and freedom.


And just as we don’t have to dominate your body, we also don’t have to dominate your dog. We don’t have to turn them into a different creature or diminish or extinguish their dogginess. We just have to listen deeply, to inquire and develop understanding, and then work with their natural tendencies to create mutually beneficial solutions.


So that’s me. I work with you to develop and refine your skill of listening to your body to restore your sense of freedom and capacity. I also work with your canine companion (and you) to restore the tendency towards collaborative relationship that you both share. 


If you got this far—thank you. I deeply appreciate your time and effort to listen, learn and understand. We are likely a great fit. My clients tend to be thoughtful people who want to make deliberate, conscious choices in all aspects of their lives, especially with respect to bodies and relationship.


That is important to me because I believe that by building radical respect, deep listening, and an ethic of consent into our daily lives and relationships (including with ourselves), that we will resensitize ourselves and the people (and dogs) we interact with so that, together, we can counter our culture’s addiction to dominance.


That is ultimately why I do what I do the way that I do it—because I believe we can collectively skill-build ourselves towards a world where consent and sovereignty are the norm. And that is the world I want to call home.